The smart way to manage your fuel bills

Business fuel card accounts

Managing your small business can be totally overwhelming. The scenario gets all the more daunting when businesses have employees who are on the road. The old system of fuel docket re-imbursement is time consuming and open to error. Fuel cards for small businesses can provide the solution whether you are a sole operator or you have a fleet across the country.

Easy Tracking and Better Security

Fuel cards allow small businesses to get accurate vehicle activity records for example, location of purchase, price paid per litre, and fuel consumption. Timely information will help you accurately track your employee fuel expense.

Using Fuel cards will also ensure better security. Each card can be limited to a single fuel-grade, or limited to fuel-only (no shop) and it is impossible to substitute other purchases as fuel.

GST and Tax Claim

When you have a Shell fuel cards for business you have one itemized account. This will simplify you GST claim and provide concise records for your expense claim at tax time.

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